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Pleurer dans tes bras

Gazoline Montréal, Québec

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Bonsoir shérif by Keith Kouna

supported by 14 fans who also own “Brûlensemble”

Merci d'avoir tout donné ce soir à Sherbrooke! C'était vital! Quel bonheur! Mes oreilles en avaient grandement besoin! Christian Robert

Coma by Les Goules

supported by 12 fans who also own “Brûlensemble”

Les goules et leur boudha frappent dans le mille avec cet album aux textes étoffés et aux musiques punk rock toujours aussi efficaces. Les lignes poétiques sur le Titre "Bergerie" sont particulièrement échevelées ... , extravagantes et délirantes permettant à l'imagination de s'éclater dans toutes les directions. "Coat de cuir": "Coma": "Coma" perfo: MP:"Coma"=+5 Maison Planàterre

Ultramarr by Fred Fortin

supported by 11 fans who also own “Brûlensemble”

. so cool. This is my favorite. Jason Quentin Teeter

Live In Florida 12/30/1994 by L.S.Underground

Live recording of these dark punk maniacs from 1994 balances the brutality of Michael Knott's early work with the gentleness of the later. Bandcamp New Notable Aug 13, 2016

Under the World by VOWWS

The new album from VOWWS is driving and merciless, pairing industrial rhythms with doomy, down-stroke guitar chords. Bandcamp New Notable Mar 3, 2018

Tempest EP by Lessons

featured on Bandcamp Weekly May 31, 2016

Star (Deluxe Edition) by Scale Model

Breezy pop from Nashville mashes shiny synths with sparkling guitars. Deluxe version includes bonus remixes. Bandcamp New Notable Oct 2, 2014

Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp

Questions and other support requests from the College of Engineering, Medical School, and College of Literature, Science, and the Arts may be referred to staff located in those units.

To monitor your allocations in real time, go to the Flux login hosts and type the command:

showq -w acct= the name of your Flux account

You will see the the jobs currently running, idle and blocked.

Historical usage data for Flux allocations is available via MReportsto those who are responsible for an allocation. Completeinstructions are available at nike all white roshes 2016

The only change you may make to a Flux allocation is to end it at the next month boundary. However, you may create new allocations and overlap them with an existing allocation.

For example, you have one allocation with 24 cores and their associated RAM that runs from April 14 until October 14. During the summer months, you are able to spend more time on the project and require more cores. Starting on May 3 you add another 48 cores to the same Flux account in a new allocation, which you schedule to end on October 3. You may submit jobs to these 72 cores as though they were in a single allocation.

In July, you decide to take a vacation in August, so you end that allocation on August 3 and do not pay for August, September, or the three days in October. Pictorially, this looks like:

All of these changes are made via email to air jordan retro 5 fire red 2016 ram
or your local Flux support staff.

Flux charges are billed monthly through ITS, and must be charged to a U-M shortcode .

must be charged to a U-M shortcode

The billing period runs from the 13th to the 12th of the month. In the example above, the May, June, and July bills will be for 72 cores and the August, September, and October bills will be for 24 cores.

Funding can come from a variety of sources:

For information on including funding for a Flux allocation in a grant application, see
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If you have questions, please send email to nike air max outlet store uk manchester

Approximately two weeks before the end of an allocation, someone from the Flux operations group will email you a reminder about the end of an allocation to give you the chance to renew the allocation.

If you choose not renew your allocation, your directory on the /scratch filesystem will become inaccessible two weeks after the expiration of your last allocation. After eight weeks without an active allocation, all data in your directory /scratch/example_flux will be permanently deleted.

Morose (self titled album)

Morose Seattle, Washington

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Black Tomb by Black Tomb

supported by 7 fans who also own “Morose (self titled album)”

Slow, drowsy, dark yet groovy, massive and brutal. Awesome sludge/doom to get high/make some routine or just to get drunk and kill yourself. So awesome that I even paid for it and this was the first time I actually paid for digital album. Kriegsmarine13

Unanswered Hymns by CHRCH

supported by 6 fans who also own “Morose (self titled album)”

Epic slow, long and emotional doom. And not cheesy at that. Great release. Kinda overlooked it the first time around, but email about new merch made me look again. I'm happy it did! comaunite

Innsmouth by Obed Marsh

Thus Spake Dagon. fringedcow593

The Tides Will Prevail by Kenoma

The debut full-length from Kenoma is full of spacious, haunting songs that steadily build to great rushes of sound. Bandcamp New Notable Apr 29, 2017

Crestfallen by Weltesser

Crushing, brutal doom, with mercilessly sluggish tempos for maximum horror. Bandcamp New Notable Jan 15, 2017

Still They Pray by Cough

Wade through the sonic sludge of the latest from Austin's doomiest with oozing bronze and black vinyl to match. Bandcamp New Notable Jun 7, 2016

Chasms by Lycus

Oakland, CA quartet LYCUS return with a new album on Relapse Records. Heavy, epic, mournful, and replete with art by Paolo Girardi. Bandcamp New Notable Jan 5, 2016

Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp

20 Years of Southern Lord’s Dark and Heavy Art

Nortt’s Dark Metal Feels Like It’s Coming From a Dripping, Unlit Cave

The Grinding, Pulverizing Sound of Doom Metal in Argentina

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It's Brazil time! Featuring Thiago Nassif, Ana Frango Elétrico and Sean Khan

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